Renting a GPU server

Rent a dedicated, powerful GPU server and access it via remote desktop application. It is as easy as working on your own PC.


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Depending on chosen priority your project can be processed on up to 250 GPUs. Render farm services are provided for Redshift3D, Thea+Presto, Cycles and FStorm. For renderfarm service information please check here

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Fastest Hardware
Have an access to world class rendering sulution for a fraction of its cost.
High Speed Internet Connection
Both upload and download speed of internet connection is 750 Mbps. Syncing your projects with local workstation in a blink of an eye.
Recomended by Redshift3D
Ultra Render is an official Redshift3D and Thea+Presto render farm.
Great Prices & Easy Payment
Probably best prices there are!

We accept PayPal, credit card and wire bank transfers.

Uptime protection
Our servers have downtime protection.

Full power supply redundancy and UPS system connected to diesel power generators. This keeps us running 24/7

Static IP
Each GPU unit you rent has its own, unique static IP address.



Email us and tell what you need.


Log in to your machine

Upload files

Connect to your Dropbox to sync files.

Install software

Set up all you need

All done!

Simply and fast

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8 x GTX 1070 GPUs server
$290 / weekor $1000 / month
  • 8 GB RAM GPUs
  • 2x Six Core Intel Xeon Processor
  • Up to 144 GB RAM
  • SSD OS disk + 1TB HDD storage drive
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8 x GTX 1080Ti GPUs server
$525 / weekor $1950 / month
  • 11GB RAM GPUs
  • 2x multi Core Intel Xeon Processor
  • up to 256 GB RAM
  • SSD OS disk + 2TB HDD storage drive
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6 x GTX 1070 GPUs server
$225 / weekor $725 / month
  • 8 GB RAM GPUs
  • 8 Core Intel i7 series Processor
  • 64 GB RAM
  • SSD OS disk + 500 GB HDD storage drive
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Whether you are up to a long term GPU rendering and servers rental, have a single project to render or need a HPC infrastructure for your own application you will always find a suitable Pricing plan. Single job rendering – Contact us for a price quote. All prices are net. VAT exemption will take place for European business customers providing a EU registered VAT Id and business customers from outside of European Union providing their full company details. VAT will be added for private customers from EU.


Rent servers in the IaaS model (Infrastructure as a Service) or send us files to render them for you. We believe you know best what you need. That is why we provide on demand high end hardware for a fraction of its cost and you decide how to use it.
Scalable infrastructure
Possibility of renting up to 20 GPU rendering servers per single rental contract This means up to 160 extremely fast and efficent GPUs at your disposition.
Preconfigured Server
Windows x64 or Linux operating system pre-installed. Help with customer software installation.

Get an access via remote desktop and use the remote unit in a similar way you use a local PC. Install 3D software or your own application and run the calculations remotely.

Data protection
After you finish using Ultra Render services all your data are wiped of our systems. No backup copies are kept, all data is shredded using 3-pass erasing cycle. Upon request 35-pass erase cycle can be done. This greatly helps protecting your privacy.
Install your own software
When renting our servers you can install and use all software, 3D applications and rendering engines that utilize Nvidia GPUs. Renderers like Octane, Iray, Redshift, Thea + Presto, FStormRender, Cycles and Arion are all supported. Benchmarks are available on UltraRender blog.
Render Manager integration
When renting a GPU server from UltraRender it is possible to easily include a rented node into your local render farm. Thinkbox’ Deadline is the right tool for it. Read here a sample configuration of UltraRender with Deadline
Access from anywhere
Access your servers from anywhere thanks to business class remote desktop solution.

Your remote GPU server can be an additional workstation when you travel.

GPU servers compatible with


Ultra Render has provided us with very good service. Even though we are at the opposite end of the clock they have always been very responsive to our requests with staff always on call. We’ve also been impressed with the upgrades they have made to their equipment over the last year. Bruce Ferguson DARKROOM MOTION GRAPHICS […]
Darkroom, New Zealand
Darkroom, New Zealand, GPU rendering
"I was very impressed with the service provided by UltraRender. Five stars for efficiency! I will be using UltraRender for future projects and have no hesitation in recommending them to others."
Maxime Roberge – SHED, Montreal, Canada
Maxime Roberge – SHED, Montreal, Canada, Microsoft
"UltraRender gave us the boost we needed to our GPU render job. Fast, uncomplicated and with immediate support. Even on Sunday night!"
Rene Kasperek – R5 Region Five Media GmbH, Fürth, Germany
Rene Kasperek – R5 Region Five Media GmbH, Fürth, Germany, GPU rendering
"Ultra Render one of the most professional online service that we used ever! For my upcoming digital art project we needed GPU based rendering solution so Ultra Render was one of the option . During advanced GPU rendering pipeline we successfully finished our project. Thanks to everyone support us on time!"
Refik Anadol Studio LLC, Los Angeles, California USA
Refik Anadol Studio LLC, Los Angeles, California USA, Microsoft
"The People of Ultrarender was very in touch with us, and always helped to make the renders go well, i ll request their services again for sure"
Ignacio López Larsen – Lumma Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ignacio López Larsen – Lumma Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Microsoft


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